Course description Hip pain from A to Z

Course title

Hip pain from A to Z

Target audience

All postgraduate physicians

Medical students starting from 4th year medical school onwards

Basic information

Tutorial: 8 hours provided over 8 lectures

Course provider

Prof. Hatem Hamdi Eleishi, MD

Overall aims of course

The overall aim of the module is to provide a comprehensive module for causes and diagnosis and management of the different causes of hip pain in a rheumatology clinic

Intended learning objectives (ILOs)

By the end of the course, the candidates should be able to:

Identify easily the most important and most common causes of hip pain in adults

Create a scheme for differential diagnosis for a patient with hip pain

Construct a battery of the most important clinical examination tests and investigations (lab and imaging) for a patients presenting with different patterns of back pain

Curriculum of course

1. Causes of hip pain in adults

2. Causes of hip pain in children and adolescents

3. Examination of a patient with hip pain

4. Sheet for a patient with hip pain

5. Plain radiography of the hip region

6. MRI of the hip region

7. Local injections of the hip region

Teaching  methods

    1. Interactive Power Point presentations for all topics.
    2. Interactive group discussions.
    3. Course handouts

Facilities required for teaching

Lecture halls

Information technology / AV aids

Assessment methods

Attendance criteria: The Student needs to attend 80% of the course


Assessment tools:

A passing score in an end-of-course MCQ exam

Grading System:
Pass or fail

About the course provider

Dr. Hatem Eleishi is a professor of rheumatology at Cairo University (Egypt) and deputy manager of the Continuous Medical Education Center at Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. Eleishi graduated from Cairo University in 1990 where he then had his Masters (1994) and MD degrees (1998). He was also ECFMG certified from Philadelphia, USA in 1993.

He also has special interest in the field of medical education and personal development especially for doctors. He acquired a diploma in Medical Education from Cairo University in 2017. He is also a certified NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) practitioner from the United Kingdom (2010). His YouTube channel (named: Hatem Eleishi) is a collection of lectures for doctor, patient and public education.

Eleishi is also the author of several literary writings the most known of which is his novel “Tikitian Imprints” that was published in the United States by Goose River Press in 2007.