About Keprc Clinics

KEPRC CLINICS is a private medical center (polyclinic) that is owned and run by Dr. Hatem Eleishi.

The main clinics in Keprc are:

Rheumatology: this includes the clinic of Dr. Hatem Eleishi and also the private clinics of colleagues of Dr. Hatem mostly from Cairo University





There is also a physiotherapy center run by experts in the field

 Keprc Clinics on the internet

Website of Keprc Clinics:

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Most important services and activities at Keprc

In addition to providing medical care to patients in the clinics, Keprc clinics also offers the following services to patients:

  • Lecture room where patient and public education lectures are held all year round
  • Group therapy sessions for patients with rheumatoid arthritis that are held once every 4 to 6 weeks (insert video of group therapy)
  • Availing a long list of educational booklets and short patient education videos that are sent to patients according to their diagnosis and treatment plan. For example, a 2-3 minutes educational video prepared by Dr. Hatem about how to manage falling of hair with a given medication will be sent on the WhatsApp of the patient complaining of that symptom immediately after she finishes her consultation at the clinic (link to one of the very short videos on you tube)
  • A very strict appointment system which is not the regular practice at many clinics in Cairo (link to policy for booking appointments for patients)
  • An organized system for responding back to patient queries sent by emails and social media and a system for following up the labs of patients who live far from Keprc online so that they can visit Keprc less frequently (we need to prepare this video)
  • Online consultations for patients who live out of Egypt who cannot visit Keprc Clinics (insert add of online consultations)

Pics from Keprc Clinics


Testimonials from visitors of Keprc clinics and from patients of Dr. Hatem Eleishi:

Address and contact info:

أرقام التليفون 
01011179397 – 0227342359

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