Biography of Dr. Hatem Eleishi


Dr. Hatem Eleishi is a professor of rheumatology at Cairo University, Egypt and is the Deputy Director of the Medical Education Development Center (MEDC) at Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. He is also the director of Keprc Clinics in Maadi, Cairo where he works as a consultant rheumatologist. In addition to patient care and research work, Dr. Hatem is specially interested in the field of lecturing to physicians (under and post-graduates) in the field of medicine and personal development, to patients in the field of health education and to the public in the fields of personal development and health awareness. He is NLP certified from the United Kingdom (2010) and is a prominent keynote speaker in many events and also in medical conferences.


Eleishi was graduated from Cairo University in 1990 where he then had his Masters (1994) and MD degrees (1998). He was also ECFMG certified from Philadelphia, USA in 1993. He received training and worked in several hospitals in Egypt and Europe. He also worked as a  consultant rheumatologist and head of the rheumatology unit at the internal medicine department at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital in Jeddah for 7 years (2004 to 2011). At Soliman Fakeeh hospital, he was a member of several hospital committees and was the chairman of the Research and Ethics Committee (2009 to 2011) and the editor of the hospital’s website.

In addition to his profession as a physician and a speaker, Dr. Eleishi is the owner of Abalya, a small houseplant business that he created in 2011 as an extension to his two hobbies of taking care of houseplants and of designing and crafting wooden and glass desktop gardens for those plants. He displays his products in a show room in his medical center and occasionally in some of the one-day bazars that are held in Cairo.

Eleishi is also the author of several literary writings the most known of which is his novel “Tikitian Imprints” that was published in the States by Goose River Press 2007. His other writings include “Cat Lino” and “The Other Side of the River”.



My vision is that there is goodness in every human being that he might not be really aware of and that it is worth it to spend a lifetime of talking to people to remind them and to show them that inner goodness that they have inside…


My vision is that the real success in life is to live with good intentions to humanity and a sincere heart to humans…


My vision is that there is no better to way to spend a life than in the help and contribution to the world…



My mission in my life is to help… to help whoever I can in whatever way possible…


My mission in my life is to make or be part of making a change in this world to the better… I believe I have already been lucky enough to be a reason for a change to the better in many patients’ lives.. My ambitions now are going beyond my patients… I want to contribute to everyone that I meet in my life’s journey and in particular younger doctors and younger generations… I believe I have a lot to tell to younger people that can help them see the way or help them reflect on their lives.. I want to contribute to their lives with words and roles…













Educational philosophy

My philosophy for teaching is that every student is an asset, a potential great outcome that deserves to be well invested in.

Students are different at many levels; they come from different cultural backgrounds, have not the same beliefs or concepts, have different intellectual abilities, have different receptors that stir up their creativity. For that reason, the best tools for teaching to them will not be the same. But since they are essentially assets and great potentials, I will always change and tailor my teaching tools and methods to make sure that I delivered my message and made my accomplishment; I will always travel the extra mile to make sure that I invested fairly in each and every one of my students.

My philosophy for teaching is that a wise teacher lived five or six generations back or even more. He said wise words to his students. He made wise things too. He left the world, as we all will someday. Successive generations kept passing along his words and tales of his deeds. And today, his words and deeds are still alive, are still being diffused among the living only to levitate him more in Heaven. His words are still inspiring hundreds or thousands of students even so many years after he has left. I want to be that man.