Dr. Hatem Eleishi is a professor of rheumatology at Cairo University, Egypt. He is currently working as a consultant rheumatologist at KEPRC Arthritis Center (www.keprc.com) in Maadi, Cairo (Egypt) and also at Oasis Clinics in Sheikh Zayed district in 6th of October City. He is also the director of “Romatezmeyat Campaign” and website (www.mafasli.com) for patient education about rheumatic diseases in the Arabic speaking countries.

Eleishi was graduated from Cairo University in 1990 where he then had his Masters (1994) and MD degrees (1998). He was also ECFMG certified from Philadelphia, USA in 1993. He received training and worked in several hospitals in Egypt and also abroad. He worked as a lecturer then assistant professor then professor of Rheumatology at Cairo University. He also worked as a  consultant rheumatologist and head of the rheumatology unit at the internal medicine department at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital in Jeddah for 7 years (2004 to 2011). At Soliman Fakeeh hospital, he was a member of several hospital committees and was the chairman of the Research and Ethics Committee (2009 to 2011) and the editor of the hospital’s website and the representative of the Egyptian society at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital at the Egyptian Consulate in Jeddah.

His research interest is in the field of autoimmune rheumatic diseases especially rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. He lectures to under and postgraduates in rheumatology and immunology.

In the last few years, Eleishi decided to dedicate more time to educational activities for the public. Following his study “Poor Rheumatological Medicine Literacy in Middle Eastern Populations” in 2008 that was published in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases in December 2009,he started a campaign for educating patients and the public about rheumatology and rheumatic diseases. The name of the campaign is ECHE and it stands for Eleishi’s Campaign for Health Education. At the same time he also started another campaign to increase public awareness with healthier lifestyle habits and practices. Its name is 20 to70 Campaign which stands for “Fitness and Vigor of the Twenties until the Age of Seventy” which is also the title of Eleishi’s article and also lecture that was given to the public on April 1st, 2009 at Dr. Soliman Fakeeh hospital. The campaign’s activities are predominantly provided in the Arabic language including lectures and articles published on www.hatemeleishi.com in addition to two e-newsletters, Ghawi Fatawi by the former and 20to70 by the later. In 2011, Dr. Hatem decided to start the project of the Romatezmeyat campaign  and its website (www.mafasli.com) that is dedicated to more intensive patient education about rheumatic diseases and to raising public awareness with the rheumatology specialty. The campaign team comprises a very active team of junior rheumatologists from Cairo University.

In addition to his medical profession, Dr. Eleishi is also a public speaker and is an active lecturer in the field of self development. He was Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified from the United Kingdom in 2010.

Eleishi is also the author of several literary writings the most known of which is his novel “Tikitian Imprints” that was published in the States by Goose River Press 2007. His other writings include “Cat Lino” and “The Other Side of the River”.